When you look at your life and business so far, do you feel satisfied with it or are you looking for a new direction?

  • Do you tend to focus more on what you can’t do instead of what you can do?
  • Want to overcome fear or things that are blocking you?
  • Create more results?
  • Have a bigger impact?
  • A better work-life balance?
  • Are you looking for more joy and happiness?

Running your own business can be both challenging and fulfilling! I know. I’ve been a business owner for over 20 years (and a wife and step mom at the same time). Even though I was quite successful and realized many of my dreams, I felt isolated at times. Had I had the support and encouragement of a professional coach, I would have made more conscious choices and I would have been a better leader. That’s exactly why I became a certified professional coach.

Increase your creativity, productivity, have better focus and create more measurable results with Birgit’s Life Coaching & Small business consulting.

My coaching helps you from where you are to where you want to be

I’ll help you be your best self. I’ll offer you the tools and inspiration to create awareness, to address big challenges, I’ll help you focus on what you do best, create action plans, make conscious choices, achieve your biggest ambitions and you’ll have more fun along the way!

Give me a challenge you’re facing and I’ll offer you 45 minutes of my time