I grew up in the Netherlands in a harmonious family where no topic was a taboo. For example, talking about our dreams. My parents taught me that the sky is the limit and that taking action was the only way to make them come to life. They taught me to work hard, be determined, trust myself and to never give up. It got me to where I am today and I am very grateful for it.


I was able to realize many of my dreams: completing a university degree, being fit & healthy, undertaking adventurous travels, finding a dedicated life partner, establishing long-term relationships with friends, being successful in business, becoming financially independent, immigrating to beautiful BC Canada and becoming a certified professional coach. The most recent dream I realized was to finalize the manuscript of my first book. A novel, based on my dad’s life story that I had wanted to write since I was in high school. And I’m on my way to finding a publisher for it now.

Looking for a different lifestyle

From a young age I knew I wouldn’t spend my whole life in Holland. I was looking for adventure, for living an outdoors lifestyle in a less populated country. My first visit to Canada was in 1992, touring on a motorcycle with my husband. We fell in love with the wilderness and vastness of BC. But the immigration policies were not in our favour and it took many years to get here. We kept coming back for holidays though. Every time I landed I could feel my heart open up, so I never gave up hope.

Finally – in the spring of 2005 – we became landed immigrants. We had to radically change our lives around, which was exciting and painful at the same time. We hired a manager to run our successful company that we had started and owned for a number of years. It was tough to leave behind everything we knew so well. Our dear grown-up children, families and old friendships. Eventually we sold our business and our self-built, lovely home as well.

‘All that to realize your dream?’ you might think…

Yes! And it was worth it. For a year or two I did nothing but living my dream: skiing deep powder every winter, hiking wilderness trails, watching wildlife, windsurfing mighty lakes, camping and traveling, handcrafting ceramics and growing my own fruit and vegetables.

Hardship and coaching

Then some serious bumps on the road showed up. After 25 years of marriage my husband and I went through a divorce, which was a painful and frightening time.

In the middle of it all I attended Tony Robbins’ event Unleash The Power Within and walked on fire. Two weeks later I attended The Coaches Training Institute’s Fundamentals coaching course, led by two veteran women coaches. The passion they had for their lives and their work! And the powerful questions they we’re asking:

What is your dream? What is important for you? What do you really want?

Well, I knew I wanted more of this and registered for the whole CTI curriculum and Certification program.

Coaching has been a liberating journey for me. Becoming aware of my limiting beliefs. Getting clear on what I really wanted in my life. Overcoming fear in order to realize my goals and dreams. I also found meaning in helping others realizing their dreams.

Sometimes my dreams seemed impossible and of course I have been in pain and endured hardship. But I never gave up. I would not have been able to do it without those who believed in me. Everyone needs help and encouragement. That is exactly where I come into your life!

I am a living example of going after inspired dreams. I’m making things happen and I want that for you as well. Connection, laughter, freedom, vitality, nature and courage are my core values. I’m an optimist at heart and mostly believe in the goodness of things. I hold my clients gently while I also expect them to be committed and work for their goals. By putting in the hard work is how we transform and how we’ll find meaning and fulfillment in life.

Send me an email to book a free coaching session and find out whether we can work well together: info@birgittreipl.com

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I am a Dutch immigrant to BC Canada and bring over 20 years of entrepreneurship and a background in marketing, communications and recruitment. My education includes a Bachelor degree in Marketing & Communications from the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht the Netherlands and I speak several languages. I started, owned and sold a successful business in the Netherlands. In August 2015 I became a Professional Certified Coach (CPCC), trained by the world’s leading coach training school The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and member of the International Coach Federation ICF