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Our Inner Critic

It’s a slow Sunday morning here in Nelson BC. The first snow on the mountaintops, a cold breeze on the lake, temperatures are dropping. Winter is around the corner. A good moment to snuggle up in warm clothes behind my computer and to write this blogpost to you!

I have been dealing with a lot of significant changes in my life lately. Even though I initiated most of the changes myself it doesn’t mean that I have been without fear. On the contrary! Fear usually is a big factor when we deal with changes. Our ‘Inner Critic’ starts talking to us. And it mostly speaks to us when we least expect it.

Last week I realized it was sixteen years ago I started my own business. I started it from scratch, in a small room upstairs in my home in the Netherlands. And I am doing it again today. After completing 104 hours of training with The Coaches Training Institute in Vancouver I just opened up my office in Nelson BC and will start working as a Life coach & Small business consultant. But here I am, upstairs in my sunny office room, fighting my own demons. Did I make the right decision to move to Nelson? Where do I start? Will I be successful? I do not have a network. How will I find clients? What if I fail? Am I good enough?

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