Last fall, I translated Schuilen tussen bamboe [Hiding behind bamboo] into English, my Canadian husband being my proofreader. It now is up to HarperCollins Holland to sell the English rights! An exciting experience. I would love to see the English version of my book available soon. Fingers crossed. Almost daily, I receive emails from readers who’d like to buy it in English. My Canadian family is, of course, also eager to read it.

A note from a reader from Quebec:
I recently found out about your book… I’d love to buy it, but where? I was also born in Java, had an Austrian father… I’m about the same age as Victor, your dad.

I sent this gentleman a signed copy of my book. He read it in Dutch and wrote me a long email in English to let me know how interesting he found the book and how many parallels there are with his life. He started the email with: Pardon my English, but I’m all “Dutched out.”

It’s time for an English version of “Schuilen tussen bamboe” [Hiding behind bamboo]! 😃