Leading an organization, what does it take?

How many crises do you address every day? How many requests for your time distract you from achieving your real goals and handling your primary responsibilities? How often do you end up doing things that others should be doing?

It doesn’t really matter how big your organization is, if you’re the owner of a small business, or a manager in a large organization. You are likely facing unprecedented pressures. Markets change more quickly. Customers demand more and forgive less. Employees feel less loyal than you’d like.

Leading an organization is not an easy job. And I am not even talking about the other roles in your life that you are trying to handle at the same time, like being a loving and dedicated life partner, being a great mom or dad to your kids, and a thoughtful son or daughter to your elderly parent.

In this environment, it becomes difficult to keep track of the things that really matter to you, and to your organization: vision, mission, values, your edge, strategic priorities, metrics for success, relationships and how to become more effective.

You can be busy, but are you being productive? It’s important to figure out who you want to be before you start to do. You can easily lose perspective and become overwhelmed, when you really need to be grounded, focused, calm, resilient and powerful…

What personal values are important for you? What non-negotiable values define how your business works? How do actions in your business compare to the values you say are important? When you live and work in alignment with those values, things will start to fall into place, and life becomes more joyful, colorful and brings more meaning. You’ll know how to treat your customers, your employees and yourself well and you’ll be more successful in business and in your personal life.

When you’re working as a leader in a larger organization it takes honesty to identify areas where your answers for your own career differ from the organization’s point of view, and it takes courage to work through those differences.

But how do you find this clarity? Where to start? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to put things in perspective in a simple way? To have a tool that brings you greater clarity about what’s important and why?

Work with me as your personal coach and I’ll bring you that tool, “the Leader’s Dashboard”. Whether you are running your own business or work as a manager in a large organization, this tool and my personal coaching will bring you the clarity you are looking for.

2015 is around the corner. What is the new result or change you want to see in your work and your personal life?

Are you still making excuses? Or are you taking responsibility?

Call me for a free 1 hour coaching session and I’ll serve you so powerfully you will be in for more!

With love, Birgit
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