Positive Attitude or Positive Action?

I LOVE the fall. Warm and sunny during the day, temperatures dropping at night, the leaves start to change color. Great time of the year for long hikes and weekends camping. I’m sitting outside in my bathing suit with my laptop in front of me as I am writing this post to you.

I am a positive person at heart, I tend to see the glass half full and I usually wake up smiling every morning. My friends tell me that I am a purebred optimist. But of course even us extremely positive people do have our bad days, heartbreak, setbacks, and pain. We too are facing the voices of fear in our heads and we also go trough tough periods in life.

Do you need to be an optimist in order to live a fulfilled life? I believe it helps to have a positive attitude, but I also believe it is not mandatory to be an optimist at heart to create the life you want. I realized that in the moments I do not feel positive, I have learned to take positive action. Coaching has taught me to do that. To literally set myself in motion and to be very determined. Taking action towards a positive outcome has always helped me to crawl out of my hole in the ground. Often the small steps I took made me forget about the pain I was in and got me back into a flow.

When you consciously take positive steps day by day, you will start to achieve positive outcomes. Your sadness or pain will fade and you will experience positive feelings instead. Positive thoughts and feelings will draw positive people into your life.

If you don’t have enough of them around you, start looking for them. Seriously! People who like their life often have a more positive outlook.

As I am writing this post, a man in a wheelchair comes ‘flying’ by, looking very fit and strong even though he’s not able to walk. His two little boys are running beside him towards the shoreline of the lake. While the kids are jumping into the water, he lifts himself out of his wheelchair onto a small wooden bench. He takes his camera out, starts taking pictures, laughing at the little boys, making jokes and encouraging them to jump off the dock into the cold water. The father shouting ‘1, 2, 3… go!’ and the boys are diving in, while their Dad is video taping them. Pretty amazing to see how positive this father is, even though he isn’t able to join his sons in doing what they are doing. I am sure he would have loved to. Other men are joining him now, sitting down beside him on the bench. Chatting and laughing together and generally enjoying this sunny fall day. It’s obvious to me that this man has put in a lot of hard work to come this far. I am very sure he has paddled through some seriously rough water and has found a way to move on and find meaning.

I know it’s not easy to take the responsibility to create change in your life. But what good does it bring to be a victim of your circumstances, to let life happen to you, to think about problems instead of solutions or to live life in the comfort zone?

So I’m encouraging you: what can you do today to create a positive outcome for yourself? Get up and move into positive action! The more persistent you are the better your results will be. You will start to feel better. And you will find your way to living a fulfilled life!

With love, Birgit

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