Birgit challenged us to work through any limiting beliefs

Working with Birgit helped us to create a clear plan of action for our business. We clarified our values, vision and mission and then applied those principals to both work and life. Birgit challenged us to work through any limiting beliefs and to create new patterns of behaviour. Her perceptive suggestions and excellent worksheets kept us focused and inspired. We now feel that we have a clearly defined organizational structure and a solid plan for moving forward in an efficient, profitable and positive manner.

Lara Ellenwood & Marc Brillon
Owners of Ellenwood Homes

I sold my business and enrolled in school

Birgit came into my life at the perfect moment! I was the owner of a small business. Considering making it a big business. Feeling unsure and miserable about it. And a lot of other things. Three months of working with Birgit and I had sold my business and enrolled in school!

Birgit helped me remember what the things are that I hold dear in life. She helped me realize who I wanted to be. Where I wanted to be. And helped me come up with a plan on how to get there! She asked some tough questions and was always patient with me while I figured out the answers. I am so excited about my new outlook on life and the new business I am building!

Thank you soooo much Birgit! Definitely an angel!

Erin Morrison
Health Coach & business owner

She pointed out strengths that I didn’t realize were there

Birgit provided warm, insightful and positive feedback that helped me strengthen my small business. Her thought-provoking questions pushed me to think about my values. How they are incorporated into my business. And how they can help me create a vision for the future. Birgit’s patience and positivity were very welcome. And she was able to point out strengths that I didn’t realize were there.

Working with Birgit felt natural and easy, despite a few initial misgivings. At the conclusion of our coaching sessions, I had met all the goals that I had set for myself without even realizing it! A year later, I am ready for more!

Beth Corven
Owner Sweetwater Promotional Solutions

Heartfelt coaching conversations

Birgit, I appreciated your heartfelt coaching conversations and your no-nonsense approach. You helped me make clear what I love doing and you encouraged me to take a risk to achieve this. To try and make the wheel of life round and rolling 😉

Hajo Meijer
Architect & business owner

My values and the core of what I am doing

I haven’t had a coach before, but would strongly recommend hiring one for anyone in their business or personal life. Having Birgit as a coach has really helped me to figure out my priorities. Starting with values and the core of what I am doing here. We forget our values and get wrapped up in daily life. It also helped me to get ideas when I feel stuck or can’t see the way to proceed.

The other advantage of having Birgit as my coach is that she is not involved in my personal life. There is no second agenda. No personal opinion. Just very positive and structured help. Which is so rare in our life.

Also I really like her positive and healthy attitude, her bright colors and inspiration in each and every moment of interaction. Birgit inspires me to be healthy and follow my dreams!

Anna Iskra
Owner Wharfhouse Business Services

Loving support and encouragement

Birgit has been, and continues to be, a true blessing in my life! She skillfully combines her tremendous gifts, talents and experience as a professional life and small business coach with the perfect balance of fun, generosity and enthusiasm for life.

When I was first contemplating diving into coach training last year, to being well on my way to becoming a CTI certified co-active professional life coach, Birgit has lovingly supported and encouraged me every step of the way. She has given me expert coaching and guidance around shedding my limiting beliefs (saboteurs), helped me to highlight the core values and strengths that I bring to my coaching practice. Also holds me accountable to complete all of the activities that I commit to doing to advance my skills and training. And she provides easy to use techniques and time management tools to keep me on track to achieve my goals.

I am delighted to recommend Birgit’s expert coaching skills to anyone who wishes to achieve greater happiness, abundance and fulfillment in their life, career and business!

Debra Reid, Principal
Debra Reid Consulting & Life Coaching