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Coaching is based on asking rather than telling, on provoking thought rather than giving directions, on inspiring you, supporting you and holding you accountable for your goals. As a certified professional coach I am trained to listen, to observe and to bring out the creativity and excellence that is already in you. I focus on personal coaching and consulting for small business owners, start-ups and entrepreneurs. I coach clients in English and Dutch.

Coaching for all those who are self-employed

  • Would you like to grow your business but feeling stuck and don’t know how?
  • Would you like to transform your business but wondering What’s next? What’s possible? How do I make it happen?
  • Are you just starting out your business and not sure where to begin?

Your success depends largely on creating a vision for your business, finding your core values, your key performance goals, designing a plan and following-through.

Your success in business also depends on doing the right thing for you personally. Get clear on your values and live your life according to it. Make conscious choices instead of choosing out of obligation. Create more joy and happiness. Through coaching you become more connected to your authentic self and your unique abilities. You gain clarity about what is really important to you and how to achieve it.

I coach small business owners, start-ups and entrepreneurs in person or over the phone/via Skype. I’ll provide you with powerful tools and I’ll coach you through blocks. I’ll help you create action plans and I will hold you accountable. Business development, recruitment, sales and marketing, time management and work/life balance have so far been the main topics.

Give me a challenge you’re facing and I’ll offer you 45 minutes of my time for free: call +1 250-353-1597 or email

Increase your creativity, productivity, have better focus and create more measurable results: Work with me!