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My parents taught me

that the sky is the limit

I spent my childhood in Wageningen, the Netherlands, in a beautiful, rural setting in the forest. I’ve never been one to thrive in the bustle of city life; nature is my sanctuary. The allure of her aesthetic charms and the symphony of her sounds have always resonated with my soul. I love animals.

I also have an innate craving for a substantial degree of autonomy, a trait I believe is woven into the fabric of my DNA.

Looking for a different lifestyle

My parents instilled in me the powerful belief that nothing is impossible and that you can shape your own life. They encouraged me to work hard, believe in myself, follow my heart, and never give up. Life, undoubtedly, has its share of challenges, and my journey has been no exception. However, these qualities have taken me to where I am today, and I am thankful for it.

From a young age, I had a deep-seated desire to explore beyond the confines of the Netherlands. The allure of wide-open spaces and an outdoor lifestyle appealed to me.

Finally, in 2011, I made the life-changing decision to permanently relocate to British Columbia, Canada, settling in a quaint mountain village nestled beside the pristine Kootenay Lake. The wilderness is close to home, and we share it with bears, deer, and cougars, creating a connection with nature I had always yearned for. The local ski hill, a network of hiking trails, provincial campgrounds, cozy mountain cabins, and water-based activities offer a world of opportunities right at our doorstep.

More about Birgit

I’m a Dutch Canadian, and I married a gentle, broad-minded and supportive Canadian husband, who grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We now split our time between BC and NS.

I love all four seasons, the mountains and the ocean, the snow and the sun, skiing, sailing, boating, beach time, camping, hiking, writing, gardening and cooking healthy meals, and socializing with family and friends.

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My core values are creating connections, being attentive, joyful, independant, living a healthy lifestyle, and taking on challenges.