I love the mountains and the ocean

I spent my childhood in the Netherlands, in a beautiful, rural setting in the forest. I’ve never been at my best in the bustle of city life.

Looking for a different lifestyle

From a young age, I had a deep desire to explore beyond the confines of the Netherlands. The allure of wide-open spaces and the outdoor lifestyle of Canada captivated me.

Getting here wasn’t easy. After two unsuccessful attempts, I finally achieved landed immigrant status in 2005. However, I was in the middle of running my own company in the Netherlands. It wasn’t until 2011 that I could permanently relocate to British Columbia, settling in a quaint mountain village beside pristine Kootenay Lake. With the wilderness close to home, we share it with bears, deer, and cougars, creating the connection with nature I had always yearned for.

More about Birgit

I’ve become a Canadian citizen, and I married a gentle, open-minded and supportive husband, who grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We now split our time between BC and NS.

I love all seasons, the mountains and the ocean, skiing, boating, camping, hiking, writing, gardening, and cooking a healthy meal.

I thrive on creating meaningful connections, celebrating joyfulness, nurturing independence, prioritizing a healthy lifestyle, and embracing challenges.

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