I’ve always been intrigued by my dad’s remarkable story


More about the book

My dad’s extraordinary story is set apart from many narratives about the war in Indonesia/the Dutch East Indies. It’s because he was born Austrian in a Dutch colonial society, that ultimately turned against him, a perspective rarely explored in WWII fiction. 

It wasn’t until shortly after my 50th birthday my dad asked, “So, when are you truly going to start writing down my story?” He was 85 by then. It dawned on me that many of his generation had already passed, and their stories were lost forever. I made him a solemn promise, and from there, we embarked on a series of Skype conversations. Over the course of half a year, I interviewed my dad, diligently gathering the essence of his experiences. Simultaneously, I began a two-year journey of writing and researching.

This historical fiction novel blends historical accuracy with the intimate narrative of a personal and partially fictitious journey. It offers a fresh and captivating experience for readers interested in the era.

Notably, my book has been acknowledged as a valuable resource by the Dutch Ministry of Defence’s Research Committee in its exploration of ‘The Doom of the Van Imhoff,’ a tragic event involving the drowning of my dad’s uncle, woven into the narrative of my novel.

This is my first novel. It would not exist without my community, who stood by me throughout the years it took to write it.

I am also deeply appreciative of the team at HarperCollins Holland for taking on the Dutch publication of this novel.

About Victor

Victor Treipl was born on Java, Indonesia, in 1931. This novel is based on the first thirty years of his life.

Victor was a go-getter. He had an entrepreneurial mind, was a non-conformist, not a big talker, although that changed over the years. Victor was a real family man, and a reliable friend. 

Victor passed away peacefully in November 2021. He was in his 91st year.