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“[Hiding behind bamboo] is a dream come true”

‘A beautifully told story that you’ll not soon forget.
To me, this book highlighted a whole new aspect of the Second World War in the Dutch East Indies.’

– Dido Michielsen – author of the book ‘Lichter dan ik’ [Lighter than I]

More about the book

[Hiding behind bamboo] is the realization of a dream I had since high school.

My dad Victor’s story is extraordinary and unlike many other stories about the Dutch East Indies. Mainly because he was born Austrian, which had significant consequences during the Second World War. 

But I had to live my own life first before I finally started writing the book. Just after my 50th birthday my dad suddenly asked: ‘And when are you really going to start writing?’ He was 85 years old then. I realized that many people of his generation were no longer here, and their stories forever lost. So I made a promise to my dad, and we started a series of Skype conversations. Every Monday, for over half a year. Then, I started writing.

[Hiding behind bamboo] is my first novel. One day the writing goes well, and the next day is terrible. Writing has to do with perseverance. I was told that bad writers quit, and good writers keep going. So I wanted to keep going.
Fortunately, I have an understanding husband, who brought me coffee and tea, lunch, and a glass of wine at the end of the day!

I’m grateful for all the lovely people who supported me along the way. And for HarperCollins Holland taking on the Dutch publication of the novel. 


‘A story
of war and
family, love
and loss…’

About Victor

My dad Victor was a unique person with an extraordinary story, born in 1931. [Hiding behind bamboo] is based on the first thirty intriguing years of his life.

Victor was a go-getter. He had an entrepreneurial mind, was a non-conformist, and not a big talker, although that changed over the years. Victor was a reliable friend, and a real family man. At crucial moments in my life, he stood behind me, and supported me unconditionally, without wasting too many words, even when I had made mistakes.

Victor passed away in November 2021 from the effects of Covid-19. He was in his 91st year.