“My parents taught me

that the sky is the limit”

– Birgit –

Although I was born in Amersfoort, I spent my whole childhood in Wageningen, the Netherlands. A beautiful, somewhat rural setting, and our house was in the forest. I’m not a big-city girl. Nature is essential to me. I love looking at her beauty and listening to her sounds. And I need a fair bit of freedom. I think that’s in my genes. 

Looking for a different lifestyle

My parents taught me that you have to take matters into your own hands to shape your life and that nothing is impossible. They have encouraged me to work hard, to believe in myself, follow my heart, and never give up. Even though life isn’t always rosy, these qualities have taken me to where I am today, and I am thankful for it.

I knew at an early age that I didn’t always want to live in the Netherlands. I was looking for adventure, fewer people per square meter, and an outdoor lifestyle. In 2011, I moved permanently to British Columbia, Canada, where I live in a mountain village on Kootenay lake. The wilderness is close to home, and there are still bears, deer, and cougars around.

Although I easily connect and make new friends, I sometimes miss my stalwart, old Dutch friendships. Just a coffee and a good conversation with a friend who knows you through and through. Those kinds of relationships bring shine and meaning to your life.

More about Birgit

I married a gem of a husband, who is Canadian, and we have a dog, a Golden Retriever, called Glory Bee. I have two lovely stepchildren from my first marriage, who live in the Netherlands, and my grandkids call me ‘oma Birgit.’ My family – in Europe and Canada – is vital to me.
I like healthy eating, cooking, and socializing. I like to be outside, and I love four seasons, the mountains and the sea, the snow and the sun, skiing, writing, and making ceramics.

Please see my professional resume on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/birgittreipl/

Some of the values that apply to me are creating connections, being attentive, laughing, being independent, living a healthy life, and daring to take on challenges.