Today the promotional tour of a month in the Netherlands for my book ‘Hiding behind bamboo’ came to an end, with the last visit to the bookstore Dominicanen in the city of Maastricht. Many thanks to all bookstores who were willing to receive me to sign books:

  • Kramer & Van Doorn (Zeist)
  • Book & Gift (Doorwerth)
  • Meijer & Siegers (Oosterbeek)
  • Paagman (The Hague)
  • De Vries Van Stockum (The Hague / Haarlem)
  • De Kler (Leiden)
  • Waanders (Zwolle)
  • De Algemene (Amersfoort)
  • Den Boer (Baarn)
  • Donner (Rotterdam)
  • Dominicanen (Maastricht)

I had a great signing session with an audience at Bruna in Wageningen, which was almost like a high school reunion! Bookstore Paagman Den Haag organized a memorable book presentation. My writing coach Nanda Huneman interviewed me, and author Dido Michielsen (‘Lichter dan ik’ [Lighter than I]) gave a speech and handed out the first copy of my book to my dad. There was a live interview on the national radio, NPO1, ‘Langs de Lijn & Omstreken’, and interviews for Moesson Magazine and the Center for Family History. Many thanks to everyone and last but not least to the fantastic team of HarperCollins Holland! Next week I will be back home in Canada, but we will continue with the promotion digitally. I’ll keep you posted!